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Marrianna Booyens Kunshuis

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Marrianna Booyens

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 I live a life that I once only dreamed was possible. I really cannot boast in anything, but in the fact that Grace abounds in my life. 
As I awoke this morning, on my 50th birthday, I had a strong and sure sense of how wonderful it is to live…to awake to another day.
I have not always felt this way, my heart has been softened, my soul has found a rest that is everlasting.
What a beautiful thing it is to be granted a new day, this today.
My cup overflows and I am forever grateful.
 This website is a testimony of that Grace, that love that never ends. It has been a lot of hard work, and a lot of learning about new stuff that I never thought possible to do.
 May the colours and the pictures fill you with a longing to search for the Truth. His signature is everywhere. 

the story behind


Kunshuis is the house where I live, work, breathe, hope and create. It is more than a house, it is the ground that I have been given through Grace. It is also the place where I am inspired and challenged to become more than I ever thought possible.

It is a busy house, where many students have art classes and workshops, and where you might find that the Studio floor is full of glitter due to little budding artists. In this same house I develop products from my artworks, some of which you will see on this site, others are in various stages of coming to life.

It all happens in this wonderful house, my Kunshuis (Arthouse), or what the Spanish language so beautifully calls Casa de Arte.

There is a blessing in creating, working, living and loving all in the same place. My animals, Misha & Jasper and Dax the dog, are part of this space…you might see them pop up in some of the Photo Gallery photos.  Those pictures say more than a thousand words.

In short, Kunshuis is a place where you can buy original art or art products, come to have art classes, or have prints made, but it is so much more…

It is the house that the Father has given me.

die storie agter


Kunshuis is ‘n besige plek, waar ek droom en leef en lag en bid…en werk.

Hier skilder ek en maak ek produkte van my oorspronklike skilderye.  My kunsklasse en werkswinkels gebeur hier en  Dax, my hond, en Misha & Jasper my katte is deel van dit alles.  As jy deur die Foto gallery kyk sal jy meer sien as wat my woorde hier kan beskryf.

In kort is hierdie my huis, maar dis ook baie meer as dit…dis my Kunshuis.

Orals is daar kuns teen die mure, of een of ander nuwe projek staan en wag vir my aandag.  Soms is dit vol, so vol dat ek voel my beker loop oor…want hierdie is Genadegrond.  Dis ook die plek waar jy van my oorspronklike kuns kan koop, of kan kom kyk na die produkte wat ek maak…kussings, tafeldoeke, kunssakke en deesdae is daar ook handgeskilderde lappe waarvan gordyne gemaak kan word.

Daar is soveel wat mens kan doen met die beelde en die kleure, en daar is nog soveel wat ek wil doen.

Die eer vir dit alles gaan aan die Skepper van die Hemel en die aarde, want hierdie huis is aanmekaargesit deur Sy genade en Sy liefde.

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