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Marrianna Booyens Kunshuis


I love making beautiful things from my artworks, and seeing the changes that happen in a space when I use a product in an interesting way, is fulfilling.

I find that sometimes just a new piece of printed cloth can brighten up my room, or a fresh cushion placed on an antique chair can breathe life into an old room.  Change doesn’t have to come at an enormous cost…a tablecloth, a cushion or a printed Runner can make a huge difference to a room.


So you have a little time, and you are thinking of changing your house with some artful additions, but don’t know where to start?

Expect the Unexpected.

Bringing in something as small as a cushion, or placing an interesting Runner on a table that can turn into a focal point, may become a conversation piece in a room, adding depth and visual interest.

Be a Creative Explorer, and find the piece that can fit into your home space.

The photo gallery in the Create a Room section will help you see how art can be used in unexpected ways, in unexpected places.

Enjoy the journey

Note:  Marrianna Booyens can also be contacted on a consultation basis to help you find the right piece of creative art for your home or office.

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