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Nine students from Marrianna Booyens’ Art School exhibit together for a week at the P. J. Olivier Art Center in Stellenbosch. The artworks are diverse, from old world landscapes to introspective, poetry of the soul type works. There is even an Artificial Intelligence inspired flower and landscapes on display!

What also makes the exhibition unique is that the students, led by Marrianna, had to organise the exhibition themselves. They had to plan everything from the Venue to the flowers and all the smaller nitty gritty themselves. Everyone had to make a contribution to the bigger picture, but learn to take full responsibility for the section in which they chose to contribute. It wasn’t that easy, but it was possible.

Marrianna, “I have organised many student exhibitions, as well as my own personal exhibitions, but this one is something completely new, it’s a new leg in my Kunshuis business. Teaching others to hold a successful exhibition and what it all entails is like teaching someone to drive on a new road. There is someone explaining the road signs, and encouraging you to get to your destination (on time!). I was a bit taken aback when I saw the long list of tasks that everyone would have to do in order to make the evening a reality. It wasn’t always easy, it sometimes felt like I had to kickstart 9 other people’s cars to get started, but they were willing to learn from me, and I also learned a lot in the process.

Three meetings later, and a lot of work on the arrangements, and a unique collaborative process, and hours of painting and drawing…and what you will see on the walls was born! What a privilege to be able to walk the road with them. As the works began to come in, I was struck by the quality, and the unique stories depicted by the different hearts. It inspired me. Come and enjoy the exhibition with us and let Inspire touch your heart.”

Many of the works are for sale, and where the original artwork is not for sale, there will be a high quality print of the artwork for sale.

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