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Over the years I have developed creative skills that I never would have dreamed possible. As an artist, I always thought I would be focusing on mostly painting, but the different avenues my creativity has been taking over the last 20 years, has been so much broader than I had begun with, and very rewarding.

One of the most memorable of the commissions I have done, is the paintings I made for the book Gebroke Sinne, by the Dutch singer / songwriter / poet Stef Bos. These works still has a very special place in my heart, because I know each one of them have a higher purpose. I interpreted some of Stef Bos’s poetry in images. It was a wonderful, mysterious process in which I felt the hand of God in every colour, and every stroke. A wonderful privilege to have been a part of something so beautiful.

In a very real sense that process has marked my soul, and my life for good. It created in me a hunger that art can be significant, that it can bring Heaven down to Earth. It can be a message filled with eternal Hope. It can bring water to dry places, and make springs erupt in deserts. It has forever spoiled me for art that is meaningless. I have tasted and seen that Art can be a vehicle of restoration, it can bring forth Life.

The reason for that is because everything that He touches, has the power to do whatever He has willed it for. An Eternal God bringing Eternal life in whatever form or way that He chooses. The God of the Impossible made possible. Even just thinking back to that process, humbles me to the bone. The glory for what you see below, belongs to Him, and Him alone.

Gebroke Sinne




I illustrated for Leef magazine for about 2 years, and loved interpreting all the different stories with images. A picture really can paint a thousand words. These are some of the illustrations I have been commissioned to do

Art Consult


Invite me to collaborate with you to find the right artwork for your home or Office. Different packages are available.

Water into Wine

Rent to Buy

 You could rent out artwork from me for a monthly cost, or you could rent to buy, which means you have the option to pay off an artwork as you rent it from me. Artwork can also be rented out for a specific event.

Custom Products


I love painting on different cloths. Never knew I would, but I do. Through different commissions over the last few years, I have painted on very thin, almost transparent material (a commission for a bathroom), to thicker caligo from which unique blinds where made for a bedroom. Right now I am painting a new cloth that will be used for a bench in a garden. The range of what can be done is endless, and the ideas are limitless.

Workshop/ Team Building

Creative workshops can be good for an individual, restoring and building up, but can also be good for a Team that has to work together every day.
Art can be therapy, and fun at the same time!
There are different packages available, from painting workshops for companies (Painting for Pencil Pushers), to Mosaic Workshops. Let me know what you might be interested in, and I could custom design a package that would benefit the group of people you have in mind.



Commissioned Portrait of Noah
water colour portrait painting course
Closer my God, Closer
Die lewe is in die bloed 1
Die lewe is in die bloed 2
Flooded - Marrianna

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