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Marrianna Booyens Kunshuis

Student Art Exhibition

Come view Marrianna Booyens’ Students artwork at the P.J Olivier Art Centre. Many of the original art works, high quality prints and artisanal products are for sale. A great opportunity to obtain something unique for your home or office.

When Faith hits the ground

I never liked Fabric paint. Looked down my nose on it for many years. I was arrogant. I maybe even […]

Looking into the Beyond

So…2020 has been what no year has been before. In my life so much has been added, and had to […]

Nuwe dag van moontlikhede

SOOOOO….ons (ek) skryf my eerste blog met die hulp van ‘n vriendin wat se slimgeit vlak oor hierdie tipe dinge […]

In All Things

I will run to Him So that I can run with Him In all things, in Him I will run […]

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Stef Bos, Gebroke Sinne

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