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Artist Travelling Bag – with inner compartments



Artist travelling bag 

This bag is great for storage and transport of art materials. The front of the bag has a printed version of an original artwork by Marriana Booyens. The back of the bag is plain. It is very sturdy and made from thick plain canvas. The bottom is made with waterproof material. The straps are sturdy and made of a good load bearing material. It has two different storage compartments on the inside, one is removable. There is also a pocket available for notes, small books, a tablet or palette. The removable compartment is made of the same thick canvas material. It is great for storage of brushes, pencils as well as palette knives and can be rolled up and used separately. The fixed compartment is good for lighter art materials and has a pocket for 250 ml art liquid materials as well as brushes.


Height 41 cm

Length 42 cm

Width 22 cm

Price: R 1500

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