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Marrianna Booyens Kunshuis

Kunshuis Studio Easel (new design coming soon)

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We are working with a new supplier to improve the current design of our easel. We apologise for any inconvenience. Contact us if you would like to be notified when the easel is back in production.

Handmade solid Pine wood easel

Overall dimensions: 2.2 m (H) x 64 cm (W)

Framework 170 cm (H) x  50. 5 cm (W)

Base 61 cm x 65 cm

Sturdy easel on wheels for easy mobility.

Wheels have locks for extra stability.

Canvas holder height is adjustable.

Adjustable working angle (easel can tilt).

Sturdy base.



Easel is made to order.

4 to 6 weeks estimated time for production.



Stellenbosch and surrounding area: Pick up from Kunshuis, Jamestown, Stellenbosch at a prearranged time.

Product can be delivered to other parts of the country, a quote can be provided.

If Marrianna organises the courier, a R500 admin and packaging fee is added to the total cost of the easel.


A special note on this Easel from Marrianna: It is so light on it’s feet (read wheels), that I feel like taking it for a dance in the Studio. It is a wonderful pleasure to be able to move it so easily with my feet as I sit and paint.


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